The MARSTM is a rugged and reliable machine - specially designed to be easy to install and maintain. Basic equipment and options are described below.

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The primary assemblies of the MARS include the upper structure and the flattening/slider bed.

The MARS upper structure includes the control box, the air tank, the air cylinder, the splash shields and other components. It also includes the plow blade and its supporting structure. This assembly spans the conveyor above the belt, with the plow blade facing the tail pulley end of the conveyor.

The plow blade will discharge material either to the left or to the right of the conveyor (looking from the tail pulley toward the head pulley). The right-hand or left-hand configuration of the plow blade is specified when the MARS is ordered and is permanently set at the factory.

The MARS flattening/slider bed is a rectangular assembly that replaces the idlers underneath the plow blade and continuously supports the belt. The plow blade flattens the belt against this bed to divert tramp metal off the conveyor. The bed is specially equipped with UHMW to protect the belt and to ensure proper flow of material.

In general, the MARS is a few inches wider than the belt and is approximately twelve feet long. Its exact dimensions depend on the width of the conveyor.

MARS Options

Several options are available with the MARS, including:

The Metal Detector Option
The MARS will work with any make and model of metal detector. If a new metal detector is
needed, however, a Tramp Metal Detection System can be purchased from
AFOR Systems, Inc. along with the MARS.

The Counter-Balance Option
The MARS uses compressed air (either from the plant’s air supply or from a separate compressor) to control its plow blade. Without proper air supply, the blade will remain in the down position, continuously diverting material off the belt. Therefore, if there are concerns about the consistency of the air supply to the MARS, a counter-balance option is offered which will prevent the blade from lowering onto onto the belt during a loss of air

On-Site Installation Assistance Option
The MARS is designed, built and shipped to make installation easy. As an option, however, AFOR Systems, Inc. can supply supervisory personnel to oversee the installation and start-up of the equipment.

MARS Properties


12 feet x (belt width plus 12 inches) x 6.5 feet
2000 LBS to 4000 LBS
upper structure, base, flattening bed, discharge chute, plough blade
welded tubed steel, steel plate
shop primer plus 1 coat industrial enamel (safety yellow)


Line Power
120v, 50-60HZ, 1 phase
NEMA 12 (special enclosures available)

Process Controller (Micro Processor)

Delay (adjustable)

Duration (adjustable)

Distance from metal detector to MARS (adjustable)

Shift Register (multiple hits from metal detector; automatically overrides blade down duration and ensures removal of multiple metal)

12V supply to metal detector relay (dry contact required from metal detector)


Blade Cycle Time (blade up/down)
3 to 5 seconds (adjustable)
Warning Horn
120 decibels
Air Tank
air reservoir with inlet check valve, drain cock and safety valve
Air Volume (SCFM)
24 standard cubic feet per cycle (5 hp air compressor is adequate)
Air Cylinder
based on size (ranges from 4″ to 8″ diameter)
Plough Blade
steel with snow plough blade rubber (adjustable for wear)
Air Components
air cylinder, air valve, filter, regulator, lubricator, air pressure gauge

MARS is versatile and can be custom designed for a variety of applications.