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The MARS is a rugged, state-of-the-art machine that mounts on the conveyor (at practically any location) downstream from a metal detector. When the detector senses tramp metal in the bulk material on the belt, it sends a signal to the MARS. When the metal reaches the MARS, the MARS automatically lowers its angled plow blade to flatten the belt and divert the metal, along with a small amount of material, off the conveyor. Once the tramp metal is discharged, the MARS raises its plow blade to allow for normal material flow. The entire process takes only

The MARS outperforms magnet based systems. The MARS will divert non-ferrous metals. A magnet based system won’t. You’ll reduce your downtime due to stoppages and repairs, increasing your daily tonnage and profit. The revolutionary MARS system has an incredibly fast payback time.

Why take a chance with tramp metal?

Magnets attract only ferrous (that is, iron or steel) metal. And even on ferrous, are not 100% effective (due to belt speed, burden depth, orientation of the metal, etc.). Magnets offer a good first line of defense, but they don’t offer total protection.

Why live with the downtime caused by metal detector belt stops
(and take a chance with tramp metal)?

Metal detectors can identify all types of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous), but they can’t remove it; they can only stop the belt for someone to remove the metal manually. But this stops production, and still leaves expensive processing equipment vulnerable to human error. (Not to mention the stress on belts and motors from these intermittent stops; and safety issues regarding this practice!).

Take advantage of MARS – the total solution for tramp metal removal!

MARS offers total protection, with a simple and rugged design – easy to install, operate and maintain. And, MARS quickly pays for itself in months, with benefits of:

  • Increased Productivity & Capacity
  • Prolonged Asset Life
  • Reduced Cost Per Ton
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Quality, Service & Safety

Want to learn more about how MARS can lower your costs, increase your productivity, and improve your profits?

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